Tally ERP 9

New Tally ERP.9

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New Tally ERP.9

The current Series, Release & Build certified for use is Tally.ERP 9

The highlights of this release are listed below.

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Buy Tally ERP 9 Silver (Single User)

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Tally.ERP 9 is now available in a rental model . Simply put, you can now pay per quarter or even per month of use. At the end of the rental period, the license can be extended or regularised.


A Silent Installation, to perform unattended installations in large numbers by using a script file, without prompting for installation parameters, has been introduced.

The installer now supports Multi-Product License Server installations. E.g. The License Server can serve Tally.ERP 9, Tally.Developer 9 and Shoper 9 licenses from one installation of the license server.


An option Location of Export Files has been provided in the F12 > Data Configuration screen to allow the user to select the default path where the Exported files will be stored.

Accounting Reports

Option to displays Cumulative balances (Running Balance) for Ledger Voucher reports is now available.

Excise for Dealers

Excise Closing Stock Report is available. By exporting this report (as XML) and importing this, opening balances issues in a split company are resolved.

Selection of same Stock Item Multiple Times in Dealer Excise Purchase Invoice is available. The impact of this in all associated reports is also updated.

Excise for Manufacturers

RG 23A Part II, RG 23C Part II and their respective Annexure 10 & Abstracts are provided. Note that Stat.900 Ver. 89 and above is required (also available with this release).

Option to print Excise Details of Company and Customer in Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes, Sales Orders and Receipt Notes is available.

Knowledge Base

Access to Online Help is enabled from Tally.ERP 9 using Alt + H. You now have an option choose from Online and Local Help. Online Help provides access to Technical & Functional Articles, FAQs, Troubleshooting Methodologies and Case Studies available in our Knowledge Base.


Payslip Note: An Option to print a general note that will appear in the Payslip at the end instead of the Authorised Signatory is provided. e.g. This is a Computer generated Payslip and does not require any signature.

Payslip Message: An option to print messages which will appear on all the Payslips for a particular occasion while printing or E-mailing the payslip. e.g. Wish you a Happy New Year!

Employee Filter options are provided before opening the Pay Sheet report for faster access when the data size is large by selecting and viewing the Pay Sheet for selected Payroll Category or Employee Group.

Payment Advice Date: The option to enter the user defined date is provided while printing the Payment Advice for Salary Payment.

The option to print the Payroll Voucher with details of Employee wise salary break-up has been provided.


There are considerable improvements in speed while accessing the Sales Register, Purchase Register, specific voucher selection from Day Book report, specific voucher selection from Statistics, Purchase and Sales Order Book and other related specific & filter voucher collection reports.


TDS calculation on Contract or Sub-Contracts on Net Amount is supported.

During data migration from earlier version to Tally.ERP 9, TDS details in a few vouchers would not migrate. A Party-wise Track Migrate Vouchers report is now available, which will list the non-migrated vouchers with reasons, making it easy for you to make the necessary changes.

TDS calculation in Purchase Voucher (in Item Invoice mode) with Voucher Class is supported.


TCS Entries using Voucher Class where multiple taxes in an invoice are needed is supported.

Support Centre

Partner search has been enabled from Tally.ERP 9. While adding New Issues, the partner search feature enables the user to search for the partner based on the Location or Name.

Auditors’ Edition

Tax Audit

A new Report Clarification List has been provided from the Tax Audit dashboard to display all the Vouchers with Audit Status as Need Clarification and Clarified in one screen irrespective of the Clauses.

The relevant sections for TDS deductions made at Zero rate or Lower rate are displayed in the TDS Summary screen.

The option to Export the Tax Audit Annexures in HTML format has been provided.

While drilling down into the Clarified (to be re-audited) column on the Tax Audit Dashboard, the Customers Clarification will be displayed by default for all Clauses.


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